Why do you need to switch to Ketogenic Diet?

What is ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is basically a very low carb diet program that enables your body to speed up the fat burning process. This diet has gained immense popularity because of its benefits and productivity. People who are looking for a healthy diet program that also enables them to reduce excess weight fast can try this simple and effective diet plan. Ketogenic diet or as popularly called keto diet, is quite similar to diet programs such as Atkins diet and Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet. The diet program has been specifically designed to achieve ketosis.

What is ketosis?

The keto diet enables the body to produce fuel molecules known as ketones. These ketones are an alternative source of energy for the body that comes in use when the glucose level is low. When your diet consists of very low carbohydrates and moderate amount of protein your body starts producing ketones. The ketones are produced from fats in the liver. The process that enables the body to produce ketones is known as ketosis.  Interestingly enough the ketones are used up throughout the body as well as the brain. It has to be noted that brain consumes a lot of energy in a day and it can only take energy from sugar or ketones. That makes keto diet very important for everyone.

Types of keto diet

When you are planning to go low carb and implement a ketogenic diet plan there are a few things that you need to regard. Keto diet is basically implemented in order to build up strong muscles. But it is a slow process and that is why induction of protein is vital. According to your requirement and existing body mass you can choose from three different types of Keto diet:

  • SKD or Standard keto diet – Most people follow the SKD diet plan as it has the standardized diet plan that is good for everyone.
  • TKD or targeted keto diet – In a TKD program you take in a small quantity of easily digestible carb just before a workout.
  • CKD or _    cyclical keto diet – CKD is taken up by body-builders and people who need heavy muscles. CKD is given once a week to restore the glycogen supply to the muscle.

What should you include in your keto diet?

One of the best things about a ketogenic diet is that the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. All you need is the determination of keeping carb at the lowest possible quantity. You need to cross out those items that are a source of carbs. Vegetables such as potatoes and beans, dairy products, nuts should be avoided. Make sure to include chicken eggs, fish, lamb, etc in your diet. Apart from that, you can consider eating broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and kale. You can eat high-fat products like hard cheese and butter in prescribed quantity. To prepare your keto diet chart it is best to take the advice of a nutritionist or a physician to get an effective and faster result. Your standard keto diet should have a composition of 70 percent fat, 25 percent protein and just 5 percent of carb.

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