White spots on nipples – Is it a concern?


If you ever see white spots on your nipples as well as areolas, the colored areas that surround them, you should definitely be worried.

In most cases, white spots are not as bad as you may think them to be. In some cases, these happen because the pores on your nipple get jammed. This normally happens at the time when you are breastfeeding your child. It could also be a normal reaction to the level of changes in the hormones in your body. However, apart from pregnancy, hormonal changes, and blocked ducts and pores in nipples there could be other reasons as well as to why there are white spots in the aforementioned areas.

It could be an infection as well or a rare condition as such. There are so many things that you need to take care of in cases such as symptoms, prevention, treatment, and seeing a doctor at the right time.

Spots due to hormonal changes and pregnancy

As has been said already, there is always a chance that you could see white spots in your nipples and areolas at the time when you are pregnant or when there are hormonal changes happening in your body.

The white spots that are visible at these times are known as Montgomery glands. These glands can be found in the nipples as well as the areolas. They have an oily substance that is supposed to keep your nipples supple and soft. Scientists are of the opinion that it is the smell of this oil like entity that encourages the babies to feed. When they start breastfeeding for the first time it is this smell that they use in order to locate the nipples. Normally, the most evident symptom, in this case, is the way the number and the size of Montgomery glands change at this time.

In fact, this can happen even before you experience the first signs of pregnancy such as morning sickness. In this case, the glands could get filled up with a wax-like substance. The gland then starts to look like a pimple that has a yellowish or whitish head. These spots are also referred to as Montgomery tubercles. It is not necessary for you to be pregnant or breastfeeding your child for this to happen. Any hormonal changes, as are normal in case of females, can lead to such symptoms.

There are several reasons as to why your body can experience hormonal changes – menstrual cycle, menopause, contraceptive pills, and other disorders. As far as treatment is concerned, these tubercles pose no threat to your health and you do not really need any treatment as such. However, you should also refrain from popping or squeezing those spots as that can lead to infection. However, if you are not sure as to why they have appeared or if you are worried by the same you should always go and see a doctor.

Spots due to blocked pores and ducts

Nipple pores are basically the openings in your nipple ducts. They lead to the milk chambers in your breast – this is where your body stores milk.
At times when you are breastfeeding these pores and ducts can get blocked with milk as well. There are various kinds of symptoms and the treatments tend to be different as well. Normally all this depends on the amount of time for which they stay blocked.  In case you see any change in the shape, size, and color of your nipple at this stage it would be better if you went and sought the help of your doctor.

When one of your nipple pores gets blocked there could be a white spot on your nipple. This is also referred to as a bleb. Normally, these pores are painful but they normally get cleared the next time your baby sucks milk from your breasts. In case a layer of skin is formed on the opening of a nipple pore that has been blocked it can lead to the formation of a milk blister. In this case, the area that surrounds the white spot can become inflamed and red. At times, if your nipple pore is blocked the milk duct that starts with that milk chamber could become inflamed and blocked as well.

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