Does Having A Tattoo Restrict From Being A Blood Donor?


While your body art adds spunk into your personality, your heart of gold makes you volunteer at blood donation camps?

Ever wonder what that tattoo you pained so hard to get brings with it?

It does bring an extra edge to your persona (even though corporate would think otherwise!) with the pain you so bravely endured. It also signs you out off the blood donation camps you have been volunteering at.

But, you are not the only one. It goes for all piercings and any non-medical injections you might have taken.

You might consider giving this article a calm read to decide whether you are eligible to donate blood ever again.

Why Tattoos Restrict From Being A Blood Donor?

Well, firstly, blood is sterile. You will not find microorganisms in blood by default unless there is an infection. The introduction of foreign materials such as ink, metal or any kind of plastic rings that you might loop around the piercing exposes your immune system to harmful viruses.

Secondly, the colours often used in tattoos have metals like lead and cadmium in their composition. The introduction of these substances into the blood stream can prove to be poisonous in an ailing patient.

A tattoo is deemed acceptable in blood donors if the facility from which the tattoo was obtained is a licensed tattoo shop which ascertains that sterile needles are not reused.

However since most centres in our country are not state-regulated, it is essential to avoid blood-borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis by denying blood donation during the first year or half.

You May Not Be Able To Donate If Your Tattoo Is Less Than a Year Old

Let us assume a worse-possible scenario, where the centre did no use sterile needles. In this case, after getting a tattoo, the needle would have contaminated your blood by the antigens of hepatitis B, hepatitis C or even HIV.

Once you have contracted the illness, your body will start fighting it. When that happens, antibodies will be formed in your blood during the window period of six months to one year.

Infected blood will not be of any use when donated, hence you’re allowed a period of healing of your tattoo before you’re donating again.

Does Having A Tattoo Restrict From Being A Blood Donor2

Often, we have a misconception that we can never donate blood after getting a tattoo, that is not true.

Enquire About Your Artist’s Regulatory Practices

You have every right to ask the kind of safety practices your tattoo artist or the studio you are about to work with ensures. Licensed tattoo studios require to abide by certain guidelines to avoid contamination or infection of blood. Unregulated tattoo shops do not offer the guarantee.

Even if you are not a habitual donor, make you have your own check-list to ensure you are in safe hands when you get inked!

Get Yourself Tested

Here comes the most important part: get your blood examined after your window period of six months! Not just to get back at your game of blood donating but also to know your own status of infection.

All said and done, Go, save as many lives as you can!

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