Suffering From Depression – Say No To These 13 Foods

Suffering From Depression

How to treat depression is one question a lot of you ask on a regular basis. Well, you can always start by looking at what you are eating. Fruit juice is one of the foods that you should say no to if you wish to keep depression away. These drinks are basically a type of healthy sugar water that can bring down your mood pretty quickly.


Regular Soda


Regular soda is an absolutely useless drink. You get a lot of sugar here just like you do with fruit juice but you do not get the nutrition that you get with the juices. It is directly linked to depression.


Diet Soda


Diet soda can make you depressed as well. In fact, it could lead to higher levels of depression compared to the sugary sodas. It also contains a high amount of caffeine that can cause you to be a lot more anxious than usual.




Toasts are made from white flour that are highly processed and become blood sugar almost instantly after you have eaten them. They can cause your energy to increase at a rapid rate and come down just as quickly. That can lead to depression and anxiety. It is better to eat whole grain bread toasts.


Light Dressing


The so-called light and sugar-free dressings tend to get their sweetness from an artificial sweetener named aspartame. Once again, it is linked directly to depression and anxiety. It is always better to check the ingredients before you consume a dressing. You can make these at home as well.


Ketchup contains a whole lot of sugar along with a lot of tomatoes. Each tablespoon of ketchup has 4 grams of sugar. The so-called light ketchups have artificial sweeteners that are connected directly to anxiety and depression. Homemade tomato salsa is a much better option.



In case you are not used to coffee, the caffeine in this drink can get you all nervous and jittery. It could affect your sleep as well. Both ways, your anxiety and depression levels are going to get worse for sure. Caffeine withdrawal could be bad for your system as well.

Energy Drinks


These energy drinks can cause several issues in your system, such as an irregular rhythm of the heart, sleep issues, and anxiety problems. These drinks have ingredients such as guarana that have really high levels of caffeine. They are also loaded in either artificial sweeteners or sugar.



Even the smallest quantities of alcohol can affect your sleep in a bad way. When you are unable to rest sufficiently enough it can make you a lot more anxious and depressed than what would have happened otherwise. Too much sleep can be problematic for you as well.



Apart from sugar, which is bad for your depression, frosting also comes full of trans-fat, which happens to be linked directly to depression as well. Trans-fat is also known as partially hydrogenated oil and is found in junk food such as fried food, cookies, pizza dough, crackers, and cakes.

Soy Sauce


If you are sensitive to gluten then this is one food that you should avoid. Apart from foods such as bread, pastries, and noodles gluten can also be found in soy sauce and other such prepackaged foods. Apart from making you feel anxious and depressed, it can make you sluggish.

Processed Foods


If you are in the habit of eating plenty of processed foods such as processed meat, candies, fried food, pastries, refined cereals, and dairy products with high fat you would feel highly depressed and anxious. It is better to switch to a diet that contains grains rich in whole fiber, vegetables, fruits, and fish.



Doughnuts can significantly contribute to depression if you make them a routine. However, used as a treat they can lift your mood as well. They are full of bad fat, plenty of added sugar, and snow white flour that has little fiber to slow down absorption. Keep these facts in mind.



Apart from watching what you eat there are several other ways to beat depression as well. Regular exercise and physical activity help. You should also try and spend time doing things you love and with people who like you.

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