Sonali Bendre Diagnosed With High grade Cancer – 7 Best Ways To Prevent Cancer


Sonali Bendre is one actress who does not need any introduction. During the later part of the 90s and earlier half of 2000s, she was one of the top leading ladies of Bollywood. She has appeared in films such as Zakhm and Sarfarosh to name a few. It was recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with high-grade metastatic cancer.This is a form of cancer where the cancerous cells break away from the spot where they originally formed and then spread to other parts of the patient’s body. At this stage, they start forming tumors, referred to as metastatic tumors, in the host body.
Following are some ways in which you can prevent the disease.

Not Using Tobacco

This is a strict no-no if you wish to never suffer from cancer. No matter what kind of tobacco product you use you can be sure that very soon you would contract cancer. As it is, smoking is associated with a number of cancers such as the following:

  • lungs
  • mouth
  • throat
  • larynx
  • pancreas
  • bladder
  • cervix
  • kidney

Following A Healthy Diet

It is true that eating a healthy diet would not completely stop you from suffering from cancer. However, it would reduce the chances nonetheless. You should eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can, avoid getting fat, drink alcohol in moderation, and restrict the intake of processed meats.

Being Physically Active And Having a Healthy Weight

When you have a healthy weight it would reduce you suffering from different types of cancer such as the following:

  • breast
  • prostate
  • lung
  • colon
  • kidney

Physical activity is extremely important in such a context. It can help you restrict your weight. At the same time, it would also reduce the chances of you suffering from colon cancer or breast cancer.

Get Protection From The Sun

Skin cancer happens to be one of the commonest forms of cancer out there and it can be prevented quite easily as well. Here are some tips that you need to follow in this regard. You should always avoid the midday sun and stay in shade as much as possible.

Getting Immunized

If you wish to stay protected from cancer you need to get protection from certain kinds of viral infections as well. You can talk to your doctor and get inoculated against the likes of human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis B.

Avoid Behaving In A Risky Way

If you wish to stay protected from cancer there are a few behavioral facts that you have to keep in mind. This can lead to infections and that in a way could make you more vulnerable to cancer. Always practice safe sex and never share needles.

Getting Medical Care On A Regular Basis

If you are serious about not contracting any kind of cancer you can get yourself screened and examined on a regular basis for different kinds of cancer such as skin, cervix, colon, and breast to name a few.

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