Preventing cancer by Omega 3s from fish

With cancer assuming a monstrous shape with each passing year, the medical world is now way more serious in its efforts towards battling the same. The world is waking up to the results of new research being conducted every other day. And, as per one of the newest research thus conducted, Omega 3 from fishes is actually more effective than flaxseed and different other oils in battling cancer. Documented below are details of the study.

All about the Study: What you need to Know

The University of Guelph conducted this study where it has been found marine based omega 3 is way more efficacious (precisely – eight times more!!!) when it comes to hindering the development and growth of a tumor. The words of Professor David Ma will make it easier for readers to comprehend the claims made by us here.

In the first ever kind of study thus performed, the cancer-combating potential of the plant and the marine-based Omega 3 was compared. The comparison was primarily done in relation to the breast tumor. Professor David Ma is associated with the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences in the aforementioned university. He agreed that there has been previous evidence proving that Omega 3 (both the plant and marine-based ones) is effective in fighting cancer. The objective of the study was to determine which one of them is more effective.

Is Plant Based Omega 3 really effective?

The study entailed feeding three different types of Omega 3 to mice having an exceedingly damaging form of breast cancer in human identified as HER 2. It is known to affect around 25 percent of women and is generally associated with bad prognosis. The three types of Omega 3 are:

  • A-linolenic acid (ALA) (plant-based omega 3 found in soy, flaxseeds, hemp oil and canola
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) marine based omega 3 found in algae, fish etc
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

It was found that the marine-based Omega 3 actually reduced the size of the tumor by sixty to seventy. The number of tumors was reduced by thirty percent. When it came to plant-based Omega 3 to deliver, scientists required to resort to higher doses in a bid to secure the same result. It was always known that DHA and EPA were efficacious when it came to fighting cancer but how much effective it was rarely known.

It is only after this study (published in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry) that the world has actually woken up to the impact that plant-based Omega 3 can have on our health when it comes to battling cancer.

Omega 3 – it has been opined—is capable of fighting cancer simply by turning on genes linked to the immune system. They are notably capable of blocking tumor pathways, according to Professor Ma.

Winding up with hope

As such, it can only be hoped that further studies in this context will be carried out in a bid to step up measures against this dreaded disease. There is no end to possibilities when it comes to beating it – we believe!

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