Worried about post pregnancy weight loss? Tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan


One of the most ravishing actresses and celebrities of our times, Kareena Kapoor Khan needs no introduction. She is the perfect example for women who are looking to get back in shape after giving back to their children. Now, how has she done that? Well, here are some tips that you would like to follow.

Maintaining the right calcium balance


One of the various suggestions that Kareena Kapoor Khan provides to women who are worried about losing weight after giving birth to their children is that they should worry about maintaining the right calcium balance in their bodies. She says that during pregnancy women lose around 5 years’ worth of calcium in their body and this is why it is important to accelerate calcium levels in their body as part of the regimen to get back in shape. She advises such women to make it a point to drink a tall glass of milk each night. Normally, dairy has plenty of CLA or conjugated linoleic acid. It is this acid that helps people burn a lot of fat. Her dietician Rujuta Diwekar also says that it also has short chain fatty acids that help one burn a lot of fat.

Addressing dark circles


A lot of women develop dark circles in the post-partum period. Rujuta says that it would be better to up the consumption of foods that happen to be rich in nutrients like iron and Vitamin B12. Examples of such foods in India are dahi, pickle, and chaas. In fact, “til ka laddoo” or sweets made from sesame seeds has plenty of B12 and this is one food that Kareena loves a lot. These foods help you get rid of the problem of dark circles. However, one should not binge on these laddoos. They should be had in the right quantities. There are some other Indian foods such as
coconut along with jiggery , and bajra roti with gur and ghee that are rich in this nutrient.

The importance of doing it gradually


Kareena reveals that she had been in a great panic after giving birth to her son. She wanted to lose all the weight that she had gained at that time and that too within the shortest possible time. She had also insisted Rujuta to put her back on the diet that she had followed during Tashan. This was the film when Kareena flaunted her much vaunted zero figure. However, Rujuta had told her that it was not possible at that point in time. She had informed Kareena quite clearly that the process of losing weight had to be done in a gradual way. Rujuta had asked Kareena to consume rice twice a day and Kareena happened to be quite apprehensive about it. Rujuta says that consuming rice helps a woman get back a lot of the good bacteria that may have got washed out during delivery, which happens to be quite an arduous process.

Refraining from a crash diet


Both Kareena and Rujuta say that it is very important to avoid a crash diet during this period. A crash diet can lead to a number of lifestyle-related disorders. In fact, women can also suffer from post pregnancy thyroid as well because of a crash diet. Rujuta reasons that when a woman goes on a crash diet after pregnancy she reduces her calorie intake to such a level that the body has no option but to slow down its metabolism level in order to counter its effects. Apart from losing weight at this time, women should also focus on regaining their muscle and bone density. The reason is also simple. With a greater amount of muscle and bone in one’s body, one looks a lot more compact.

The importance of exercises


There are several exercises that help a woman get back in shape after she has given birth to her child. However, both Kareena and Rujuta say that walking has to be the best among them. In fact, Rujuta says that
walking is the best exercise in the world. Normally after pregnancy getting on the treadmill can be really tough. It is in such a situation that walking for 20 to 30 minutes can be really helpful. In fact, Kareena says how much she has been benefited by walking on a regular basis. She also says that she can definitely feel her core strength getting better.

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