Population Explosion – Causes, Effect And Control Measures


No matter wherever you are in India, it would be a daunting task for you to see an empty corner as such. Everywhere you go, the signs are clear – the population of India is always increasing and as a result the country is severely lacking in all aspects of basic necessities. As per the Census of 2011, there were 1,210,193,422 people in India, which means that this South Asian country has already crossed the 1 billion mark. In fact, this makes India the second most populated country after China. So on this World Population Day let make ourselves aware abouts the facts of population explosion.

What Are The Causes Of Overpopulation In India?

There are two major reasons behind the excessive population of India.The birth rate over here is still higher than the death rate.India has been successful in controlling its death rate. However, the same thing cannot be said of its birth rate. A number of measures and policies have been taken to control the fertility rate among the women in India. However, it is still a lot higher than almost all other countries of the world.
Apart from these, there are some other causes that may be important in this context such as

  • Early marriage and universal marriage system, illiteracy and poverty
  • Cultural norms that have continued since ages
  • Illegal migration to name a few.

These social issues have continued to wreak havoc as far as overpopulation in India is concerned.

What Are The Effects Of Overpopulation In India?

India has been independent for more than 67 years but even now the country has achieved the kind of progress and development that many would have expected of it. One of the major culprits, in this case, is overpopulation.

The major effects of overpopulation may be enumerated as below:

  • unemployment
  • utilization of resource
  • utilization of manpower
  • less production and higher costs
  • pressure on infrastructure
  • improper distribution of income

Unemployment perhaps has been the most critical aftereffect of the overpopulation of India. In a third world country, it is very difficult to generate a sufficient amount of work to just engage the huge workforce, let alone doing so fruitfully.

How Can The Population Be Controlled?

It is for the politicians, policymakers,and the national government to come together and create a policy that may be a bold one but one that would make sure that the country grows on all fronts. A country should be able to match the demands of its population and for that to happen justly its population has to be controlled. The government has already carried out a number of steps in this regard but they need to be emphasized further. Following are certain steps that can play a major role in this regard:

  • increasing the status and welfare of girls and women
  • spreading education
  • creating awareness for methods of family planning and using contraceptives
  • sex education
  • encouraging male sterilization
  • spacing births
  • distributing condoms and contraceptives for free among the poor
  • encouraging female empowerment
  • more healthcare centers for poor

More than anything else, there needs to be serious intent on part of the powers that be as only then will proper action be taken.

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