Nomophobia- a Curse of Technology and Smartphones

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Nomophobia is a word that not many may be familiar with. However, as far as the modern world is concerned the word is striking terror into the hearts of the people who are acquainted with it. The word means the fear of being devoid of a mobile device or being outside the contact limit of a mobile phone. The disease is on the rise among the youth of today and this includes students in high school as well. What is worse is that it is only growing. There is a high percentage of youngsters who take their cell phone with them even to the shower.

In fact, it is being said that the average adolescent would rather lose their small fingers than their cell phones. Such is the gravity of the situation! The number of people in this age group that communicate through tweets and texts than talking is only going up.

The Situation in Industrialized Countries

The situation is even worse in the industrialized countries because all of them have nomophobia. The term as such is an abbreviation of the words no mobile phone phobia. It came into being during a study done by the UK Post Office in 2010. The organization had commissioned a research organization named YouGov to study the anxieties suffered by people with respect to their mobile phones.

In the study, it was found that around 53 percent of the people in Great Britain became anxious when they lost their mobile phones, if it did not have any network coverage, and if its credit or battery were finished. Also it was found that 58 percent of men suffered from this situation, in case of women, the situation was significantly better with a percentage of 47. The study also revealed that an extra 9 percent people experienced stress when their mobile phones were switched off.

The study stated that these stress levels were comparable to ones induced on an average by a trip to the dentist as well as jitters that people experience on their wedding day.

The situation is even worse in the USA

In the USA (United States of America) 65 percent of the people sleep right next to their smartphones. This means that on an average 2 out of 3 people have such a habit. The percentage is even higher in case of college students. 34 percent people over here have admitted that they would answer a phone call even when they were being intimate with their partners.

At least 20 percent of the people have stated that they would rather be without their shoes for 7 days than their smartphones. 50 percent of the people over here never switch their phones off. In all, around 66 percent of the adult population in this North American country suffers from nomophobia.

Nomophobia | iieHealth | Medical Blog

Nomophobia and it’s frightening effect on youths. Source: Internet

How can you fight Nomophobia?

This is why experts are saying that it is very important to have a balanced approach to life and not be controlled by or be addicted to an electronic device. It is perhaps more crucial that we think of things such as health and lifestyle instead of our smartphones at all times.

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