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The Nipah virus, which first made its mark in 1998 in Malaysia, has been in the news of late because of the death toll it has extracted in Kerala. Three people have already lost their lives and eight are said to be in critical condition already. This has prompted the governments of India and Kerala to take decisive action against the same. Doctors, however, are saying that there is nothing to panic about this and termed it to be another viral infection. However, it still pays to be careful and here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Points to Remember about Nipah Virus Remedies

Nipah Virus – The First Thing to Remember

The first thing that you should definitely keep in mind in this particular context of the Nipah virus is to stay away from bats as much as possible. Never go to places where these animals abound such as wells and caves.

Nipah Virus – The Second Thing to Remember

The second thing that you need to remember in this case is not to at all consume fruitsvegetables or any other produces that comes from places where bats live or where bats can be found nearby. Also never drink the palm sap that is available in such places. Even in case, you have to drink that liquid, do boil it adequately so that all the viruses are killed.

Nipah Virus – The Third Thing to Remember

If you raise animals such as pigs do keep a certain amount of physical distance from them. You could also use physical barriers such as masks and nets. This will make sure that you do not have to make any physical contact with these animals.

Nipah Virus – The Fourth Thing to Remember

In case you are rearing animals do make sure that bats do not get anywhere close to them. Bats happen to be the primary carriers in this case. This is the reason they should not be allowed to come near your animals.
In this case, you can create a physical barrier that would bar the entry of bats from the places where you have kept your animals.

Nipah Virus – The Fifth Thing to Remember

You must be extremely careful when you go close to an infected patient. You should not make any kind of physical contact with her or him. However, if you are taking care of that person you could go close but still be careful.

Nipah Virus – The Sixth Thing to Remember

In case you are tending to a person who is suffering from this viral infection, you must use proper devices that would help you stay protected at all times.
You should wear the right masks, glasses, and gloves so as to make sure that you are not making any contact with the patient. You must keep in mind that Nipah spreads very easily upon direct contact.

Nipah Virus – The Seventh Thing to Remember

It is very important to keep a patient hydrated.

Nipah Virus – The Last Thing to Remember

It is very important that every vegetable or fruit that you consume is cleaned and washed in the right way. This would make sure that there are no bat feces or droppings on the same.

Nipah virus | How to fight the nipah virus

Nipah virus outbreak in India. Source: Internet


While all the above points are preventive measures that you should take in order to stay safe, if you are already affected with Nipah, then the first and foremost thing that you would need to do is go to a hospital for treatment with immediate effect.

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