Nacho Is Type 1 Diabetic: Learn From Him How To Lead A Normal Life With Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

Nacho Fernandez, one of the goalscorers for Spain in their last game against Portugal, is right now a revered hero in Spain because of how well he fought back with a wonderful goal after committing the foul that let Cristiano Ronaldo put Portugal ahead with a penalty. Well, this is not the first time that he has pulled something like this off in life. Nacho has always been a fighter right from his earliest days. It was during his days as a trainee at the Real Madrid academy that he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Footballing Days Are Over


That was what he was told when he first learned that he had the dreaded disease. At that stage, he had been in the academy for a couple of years. He was only 12 years old at that time and it was undoubtedly a rather tough time. He remembers how he had to visit a hospital instead of playing in a tournament with Real Madrid. It was there that a doctor, who was not an endocrinologist, delivered this judgment. However, he was supported by a doctor who happened to be a specialist in this disease and it was this support that allowed him to keep playing the game.
At that time playing at the Real Madrid academy was like a dream come true for him. In fact, regarding the hospital visit that confirmed his condition, Nacho says that he went to the hospital on his volition because he was not feeling okay. He was always looking to pee and as a result, he was drinking a lot of water as well. He says that his mother was worried because he was supposed to go away for 5 days in order to play the tournament that he ultimately missed.

How Has His Career Progressed?


Nacho has right now been a regular in both the Spanish national side as well as Real Madrid. He has represented his country on 18 occasions scoring his first goal in a World Cup encounter and played for his club 108 times. In fact, the specialist diabetes doctor said that he had to keep on playing since physical exercise is very important in this disease. Nacho has a rather interesting take on things. He says that all he needs to do is take thrice the care that a normal person would do for himself.

Not A Bad Thing


Nacho feels that having type 1 diabetes is not a bad thing and it is also helpful in a way. He has to be extremely watchful with what he eats and the way he takes rest. He also carries his diabetes kit with himself and that means that he has to be a lot more responsible. Nacho has already achieved quite a lot in his club football career having won the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League on 3 occasions and the La Liga. Champions League happens to be topmost competition in European club football and La Liga is the top league of Spain.

How Has He Been Managing It?


Nacho says he does not operate under any restriction as such. There a few types of food – ones that are high in sugar – that he has to be careful though. He says that he is lucky because the disease is under control. He also says that he gets on very well with his doctor. In fact, Nacho acknowledges that this disease would be by his side until the remainder of his living days unless of course a cure can be found for the disease.
He says that having this disease is a lot like having a teammate by his side.



It is wrong to assume that your life is over if you have type 1 diabetes. With the right medication, sufficient exercise, right nutrition, and support from all quarters it is possible to overcome the effects of this disease and lead a normal life. In fact, even with Type 1 diabetes, you can become all you want in life like becoming an athlete like Nacho, a pop star, or even a NASCAR driver. Nacho and many others like him have proven that type 1 diabetes cannot be a hindrance when it comes to fulfilling your dream.

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