Marriage: A Novel Medicine For Heart


In a new study, it has been found that marriage is capable of providing a number of health benefits such as protecting you from stroke and heart diseases. For the purpose of their study, the researchers looked at data collated from 34 studies that had been published from 1963 to 2015. They looked at in excess of 2 million people who were within the age group of 42 to 77 years and were spread across regions such as Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Scandinavia.

What Did They Find?

They found that as opposed to married people, people who had never married were widowed, or divorced had a 42 percent higher chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
They were at 16 percent greater risk when it came to coronary artery diseases and their chances of dying from such diseases were 42 percent higher as well. As far as the possibility of dying from stroke was concerned they had a 55 percent greater risk.

Risk Of Death From Stroke And Heart Attack

As far as the risk of death from stroke was concerned the risk percentage was the same in case of married as well as unmarried people. However, the findings of the report showed that people who had never married had a 42 percent greater chance of succumbing to a heart attack than those who were married.

What Are The Researchers Saying?

Based on their findings, the researchers have stated that they suggest that marriage could be an independent risk factor as far as heart diseases and stroke are concerned. The same goes for the chance that one may die from such an ailment. However, the study has not proven that marriage would lead to a drop in heart risks. These findings came out in a journal named Heart on June 18, 2018.
The research team was led by Mamas Mamas. He works as a professor at the Keele University, located in Stoke on Trent. In a news release on the said journal, he has stated that research in future should center on if the marital status can be regarded as a sort of surrogate marker for various kinds of problematic health conditions as well as cardiovascular risk profiles that form the basis of the findings made by the team. According to him, it should also focus on if marital status can be regarded as risk factor unto itself.

Is Marriage Really Beneficial?

As far as the health benefits of marriage are concerned there are a number of theories that come into play. Some of them, state that marriage helps with quick detection and consequent treatment of various health issues. Then there are others that suggest that marriage helps one adhere better to various medical regimens. Some also say that marriage comes with a greater amount of financial security and it enhances your overall well being as well. Then there are some theories that suggest that marriage can help you get access to bigger friendship networks and thus help you be in a better space overall.

The Status Of Heart Diseases

Heart diseases happen to be among the most prominent causes of death among women as well as men. This is common phenomenon all around the world especially in countries such as the United States of America (USA). In 80 percent of the cases, heart diseases happen because of risk factors that are quite well known. This includes the likes of smoking, age, high amounts of bad cholesterol in one’s system, and sex to name a few. At times, conditions such as hypertension and diabetes could lead to heart ailments as well.

Some Things To Keep In Mind Regarding The Study

It needs to be said in this context that the authors did note that there were some issues with the study and it did have some positive aspects as well.
They have stated that the study happens to be the biggest of its kind till date. The fact that they also had to details such as age and ethnic origin of the participants made the study applicable to a bigger extent. The researchers, however, have admitted that they did not have much data on same-sex marriages or partnerships. They also did not take into account the quality of marriage.

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