Indian women are more prone to heart attack

We normally think that men in India are more vulnerable when it comes to heart diseases but a study done by Saffolalife back in 2014 had shown how wrong we are. In that study, it had been shown that women were equally susceptible to such diseases. In these 4 years, one can only assume that the risk levels have gone up as far as heart diseases among women are concerned.

What did the study say?

The study was conducted over a period of 3 years and it happened to be the biggest of its kind on risk factors that could lead to heart diseases.

The study dealt with 51,700 women from the cities and towns of India and it was found that around 60 percent of the correspondents were vulnerable to suffering from heart disease. In some cases, it was surprising to see that women as young as 35 years old were prone to heart disease. Right now, the age group between 35 to 44 years is regarded as the high-risk group for this disease.

Where was the study done?

Said study was conducted at 12 of the top metro cities and non-metro ones in India. Together these cities accounted for 1.6 lakh people.

37 percent of the correspondents, in this case, were women and 92 percent of them were younger than 60 years. IMRB (Indian Market Research Bureau) International analyzed the data found as a result of the study.

What do experts say?

Experts such as Dr. Pravin Chandra, Chairman and interventional cardiologist, Vedanta – the Medicity, have supported the findings of the Saffolalife study. He states that the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases (CVD) among women are high BMI (body mass index) and low HDL (high-density lipoproteins). Apart from these, women are also being put under pressure by issues such as smoking, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Along with, there are also other major causes that are leading to this worrying trend. Lifestyles are becoming sedentary, diets are being compromised, and work conditions are becoming highly stressful. All these are adding to the risk of women suffering from heart diseases. He has noted, and quite rightly so it may be added, that what is even more worrisome in this case is that women between 35 to 44 years are the most at risk. According to Dr. Chandra, this includes working women as well as housewives.

A few facts regarding CVD among Indian women

Along with what has been stated already it also needs to be noted in this context that 67 percent of working women and 69 percent of housewives in India in the age group of 35 years and more are at maximum risk of contracting CVD. One of the major problems, in this case, is excess weight. In fact, 75 percent of Indian women, who are older than 35 years and either overweight or obese, are at high risk with regards to CVD. The absence of good cholesterol in the diet is also a major issue in this regard.

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