How To Fight Against Autism?


In recent times Autism has plagued the world of neuroscience. It is because of the ingenuity of this disease that makes it even more deadly. Dynamic research and treatment methods are finding new possibilities in helping children and adults with Autism. On this World Autism Pride Day read on to know more about it…

Each person who suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a unique one and this is the reason why each intervention plan needed to treat this disease has to be tailored according to the needs of that particular person. The same kind of treatment cannot be used for one and all. There are so many things that can be a part of the intervention. It could include behavioral treatments and medicines or any one of the two. Quite often it has been seen that autistic people suffer from related conditions such as disturbed sleep, gastrointestinal (GI) distress, and seizures to name a few.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Any and all intensive behavior-based intervention at the early stages of this condition would also take into account the family of the patient. Here they would work in close association with a team comprising professionals who are trained to deal with such conditions. In some of these programs, therapists visit the homes of the patients in order to provide the services.
At times this will also include training the parents and family members of the child. They would be tasked with the responsibility of leading the therapy session but obviously, they would be supervised by the professional therapists. Then there are also some other programs where therapies are provided in establishments such as specialized centers, preschools, and classrooms.

The Changing Nature of Treatment

Normally even as the child grows older a greater number of support structures and interventions come into play. Even as she or he develops, she or he learns various learning and social skills. These kids can also be benefited immensely by training with a specific focus on social skills.

The Role of Parents

Parents always play an important role in helping a child combat ASD and the challenges that are a part of this condition. However, at the same time, the parents also need to remember that they should get all the support that they can muster. In case they are taking care of a child who suffers from ASD they have to take care of themselves as well. There is nothing selfish or luxurious about it. It is a necessity. They have to be emotionally sound for the simple reason that they have got to be the best parent they can possibly be to their child.

Steps That A Parent Can Take

Following are a few steps that parents with autistic kids could take:

  • starting treatment straightaway without waiting for diagnosis
  • learning about autism
  • becoming an expert on the child
  • accepting the child with all her or his issues
  • never giving up
  • being consistent
  • sticking to a schedule
  • rewarding good behavior
  • creating a safety zone in the home
  • looking for non verbal cues
  • finding out reasons for certain behavior
  • making time to have fun
  • paying attention to the sensory activities of the child
  • creating a treatment plan suited to the child
  • choosing the right treatment
  • finding help and support from ASD support groups, respite care and counseling
  • availing early intervention and special education services

Conclusion – Being Prepared As A Parent

It is highly possible that most parents do not know what would happen next when their child is diagnosed with ASD. It is absolutely normal for them to be worried too. Every parent in this world wants her or his child to be healthy and happy.
They are never prepared for any other outcome. If their child is diagnosed it is a greater source of fear for them and nothing else. In these cases, parents are mostly not sure of how best to help their child in such a situation. It also does not help that they receive a lot of advice related to treatment and in most cases such suggestions are conflicting and thus confusing. It could also happen that parents are told that this is one condition that will last the entire lifetime of their children and they could feel that no matter what they do it would never be enough. However, they need to understand that this is a wrong idea to have. There are lots of treatments available these days through which children can overcome such issues and become as good as anyone else out there.

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