Cristiano Ronaldo Suffered From Tachycardia – Let’s Find Out What It Is!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers in the world and there is no doubt about that. He has done it all – Ballon d’Or, Champions League titles, La Liga titles, English Premier League titles, and a Euro Cup as well! In many ways, he is a true embodiment of what perseverance, discipline, focus, and hard work can help one achieve in life. We all know how he went from a skinny and talented youth at a Lisbon based football academy to one of the most inspirational figures of the modern era. However, not many know that as a child he suffered from a complicated and life- threatening heart disease named tachycardia.

Early Diagnosis

He was 15 years old when he was found to have this disease. His heartbeat happened to be faster than normal at the time when he was at rest. This particular condition is also referred to as tachycardia. At that time he was at the Academy of Sporting Clube de Portugal (CP). For a normal person this is not that bad but for an athlete, it could be really dangerous. If it is not treated properly the condition can get pretty worse. One can experience seizures out of the blue, lose consciousness, and have a heart attack as well.
Till date, there have been many players who have died because of heart attacks while they were playing.

How Was He Treated?

This situation might have normally stopped him from playing but Ronaldo was able to get it treated. His mother Dolores says that he was surgically treated so that the condition could be cured forever. The form of treatment used for him is known as catheter ablation. In this form of treatment, a wire is inserted through the patient’s leg in order to determine the area of heart that may be causing the situation.
After this, a catheter is put in the patient’s body and the problematic area is heated so that it can be fixed.

A Few Things To Know About Tachycardia

In some cases, tachycardia does not cause any complications or symptoms as such. However, if it is not treated it can disturb the way your heart normally functions and also contribute to serious ailments such as heart failure, death or sudden cardiac arrest, or stroke.

What Are The Symptoms Of Tachycardia?

Following are the symptoms of tachycardia:

  • shortness of breath
  • palpitation in the heart area
  • a feeling of being lightheaded
  • pain in the chest
  • A very high rate of pulse
  • fainting

How To Prevent Tachycardia?

Following are some suggestions that you can keep in mind if you wish to stop tachycardia or any other heart disease from happening:

  • working out regularly and eating healthy
  • have a healthy weight
  • keep cholesterol and blood pressure levels under control
  • not smoking at all
  • drinking but in moderation
  • never using recreational drugs
  • trying and being cautious about over the counter medicines
  • restricting caffeine intake
  • controlling your stress levels
  • getting checked up on a regular basis

When Is The Right Time To See The Doctor?

There are various causes as to why your heart rate could increase rapidly at the time you are resting. It is very important that you are prompt in such cases. Never neglect any such condition. As soon as you experience any such condition do get diagnosed properly by a doctor and make sure you get the kind of care that the doctor has prescribed in your condition. You already know the symptoms. In case you experience any of them feel free to visit your doctor as soon as possible.


At the press conference held after Portugal held Spain to a 3 all draw at their World Cup opener, the Portugal coach Fernando Santos alluded to the immense mental strength that Ronaldo possesses. The success that he has achieved is obviously is the biggest testament to that but these unknown facts – recovering from a life threatening health condition at such a young age – also show how mentally strong he is. It is important that if you too are suffering from a similar situation you show similar resolve as well. You cannot become Ronaldo but at least you can try and stay healthy!

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