How To Deal With Anxiety In Children?


It is okay for your child to be anxious on certain occasions. However, if this becomes a recurring issue you would be better off talking to your pediatrician. This is especially true for cases when anxiety is not letting your child perform as many activities as is par for the course for her or him. This is also applicable in case you see your children worrying quite often or avoid facilities such as daycare and camps. If the anxiety disorder is severe enough it can either delay the development of your child or derail it completely.

The kind of treatment in these cases


The treatment normally depends on the stage of development of your child as well as the type and level of anxiety that she or he is suffering from. In this case, there might be some changes that may be prescribed as part of your treatment, and both you and your child may have to work towards the same. You may also have to work with professionals who work in the domain of mental health of children. Examples of such professionals would include psychiatrists, social workers, and psychologists. These experts can help your child, as well as you, to learn the various tenets of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and apply them as well.

This form of treatment is really effective and is capable of dealing with various kinds of behaviors and thoughts that manifest themselves because of anxiety. Doctors suggest that as part of such treatment they may ask the children to be encouraged to practice detective thinking that would enable them to catch, change, and check negative thoughts. They also encourage the kids to approach triggers that may provoke anxiety rather than avoiding them completely.


Techniques used in the treatment

Doctors may also prescribe anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines for your child. Along with this, they may also suggest some techniques that help them become more mindful. Quite often it has been seen that a combination of all these approaches produces the finest result.

How can you help your child manage anxiety?

The first thing that you can do in this regard is to externalize and personalize. You may ask your child to give her or his anxiety a name. You can also encourage your child to draw pictures that depict such anxiety as well. You can also help your child acknowledge this anxiety as and when it rears its ugly head.

When you help your child label and distance her or his anxiety you are basically paving the way for her or him to become the controlling factor in that regard. The second thing that you can do in this regard is preview situations that can lead to your child becoming anxious. For this purpose, you could think about meeting counselors, who would run a camp that your child would attend, in advance. You can also do this in case of a new place that you and your child may visit soon enough. It is also important to be a model of confidence yourself.

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