Use of IUDs significantly lowers the risk of cervical cancer

A recent study has found out that a common contraceptive – intrauterine devices (IUDs) – can be used to achieve a stunning amount of reduction in the risk exposure of a person to cervical cancer. As far as female contraception is concerned these have been used for perhaps the longest period of time and have been extremely effective as well. As such this is a new development and this particular benefit is completely out of the blue, to say the least. It is a really pleasant surprise.

What has the new analysis found?

In the new analysis, it has been found that women who use these contraceptives are less likely to develop cervical cancer. It is being estimated that these are able to reduce the risk of this disease by as much as 33.33 percent.

What are the experts saying?

Victoria Cortessis, a specialist in preventive medicine and associated with the University of Southern California, has stated that the pattern that they found was stunning, to say the least – it was not really a hidden one. She has also pointed out that this discovery would now help women control their chances of cervical cancer at the time they are making decisions related to contraception. This, she feels, would have a major impact on them.

How was the study done?

The researchers including Cortessis analyzed the information they had procured from 16 observation-based studies. They had monitored around 12000 women. As part of the tests, they monitored both their chances of suffering from cervical cancer and the amount of their IUD usage. In fact, it needs to be said in this context that cervical cancer happens to be the fourth commonest form of cancer among women all around the world.

What did they find?

In the studies, they discovered that women who were using said contraceptives had 36 percent less chance to suffer from cervical cancer than ones who were not doing so. However, it also needs to be kept in mind that meta-analyses such as these are purely observational by nature. The studies, from which the results were drawn, and the new research itself did not depict any causative effect as such. However, the researchers still feel that more investigation needs to be done into this because of the startlingly positive result that has been achieved from the same. In fact, the excitement of Dr. Cortessis can be guessed from here words where she says how the results look and smell like they are for real. They are expecting that further studies would only help them find a mechanism that would advance the benefits from this study.

What is this mechanism?

There is no surety regarding what this mechanism can be. The team at present is of the opinion that if an IUD can be placed it might somehow be able to simulate a response from the immunity system in the cervix. This is expected in turn to help the body to safeguard itself against any human papillomavirus (HPV) infection that may be there in the body. This is the virus that is responsible for at least 70 percent of all the cases of cervical cancer.

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