Urinary Tract Infection: What is it’s Symptoms & Cure?

Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms and Cure | iiehealth | Health Blog | Health Tips | Health News | Urinary Problems

As far as the clinical bacterial infections that women suffer from are concerned, UTI or urinary tract infection is right up there in terms of frequency and recurrence. It has the single biggest slice of the pie in this case – 25 percent. It is expected that at some point in their lives at least 50 percent women would develop UTI or symptoms of the same. As is the case with any such bacterial infection, antibiotics are the most commonly used form of treatment. The wide usage of these drugs is one major reason why these bacteria have become resistant to such medicines as well. This also means that the infection is always coming back.

This is the reason why you need to know and use some home remedies that can do away with bacteria in your bodies completely. They would also help bring down the chances of you suffering time and again from such infections. Some of the best remedies to cure Urinary Tract Infection, do include drinking a lot of fluids, always being dry and clean, and eating food such as cranberries, probiotics, vitamins, and using necessary oils on a regular basis.

Drinking a Lot of Fluids will Help to Fight Urinary Tract Infection

As far as combating UTI in a natural way is concerned this has got to be right on top of the preference list. In a study done by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas in 2013, it was found that chronic low intake of fluids was a major reason behind the way this particular disease developed among women. This is the reason why it pays to be hydrated at all times. The best thing that you can do in this regard is to drink a glass of water for each meal as well as a snack that you have throughout the day. This would make sure that the bacteria in your system gets flushed out and there is no fear of infection as such.Urinary Tractact Infection Symptoms and Cure | iiehealth | Health Blog | Health Tips | Health News | Urinary Problems

Urinating As Often As You Can will Help Fight UTI

If you ever feel the need to pee then you should definitely listen to it and do the needful. This would make sure that the bacteria do not grow in your body. If you have sex then after completing it you should try and urinate as well. This will make sure that all the bacteria that have entered your urethra are flushed out as well. A number of studies have found out that when you hold your urine for a long time it can lead to bacteria multiplying in your body, and that can lead to Urinary Tract Infection.

Staying Clean and Dry The Best Remedy for UTI

Whenever you have had a bowel movement you should wipe your front and back portions properly enough. Once again, this would make sure that the bacteria do not enter your urethra. It is also very important that you wear clothes and underwear that are loose-fitted, and thus comfortable. These would allow air to pass through and thus your urethra would remain dry as well. If you wear clothes made from materials such as nylon or tight clothes then there could be problems for sure.

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