Shake It: A Digi App to Avoid Sudden Death

While the world at large has already woken up to the evils of the cubicle-bound lifestyle, it should not really be forgotten that there are several aspects that are yet to be known. For instance, not many of us aware of the fact that sitting at one place for hours or for that matter sleeping with our legs folded for a prolonged period of time can actually go on to cost our lives. What is known as Pulmonary Embolism can also go on to “ambush” you while you’re flying—even when you are apparently healthy!

What should you know about this condition?

Long hours of immobility engender blood clots in your veins which eventually lead to the swelling of your feet. This is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. If this condition remains unattended to for long, then the blood clot reaches the lungs and renders it almost useless.

If you are too eager to dismiss these claims then make sure you are actually finding out what Former Captain of the Australian Cricket Team Mark Waugh and Tennis Ace Serena Williams went through. Had it not been for quick diagnosis, they would have been fatally affected by the aforementioned condition.

Shake It: The Digi App

The “Shake It” Digi App is now available for free on Google Play Store. The primary reason why this app finds a mention here is that it acts as a reminder for you –so that you are breaking away from your immobility by taking proper breaks while working. It’s not advisable to confine yourself to your workstation without any mobility. It is important to shake off chances of the formation of blood clots by getting up from your chair and taking walks. The app is here to remind you that – in case you end up forgetting the same. Medical experts from Minnesota are gearing up big time to spread awareness about the aforementioned condition.

It has notably been opined that if the condition is unattended to for long then the risk of death goes up by 40%. It becomes difficult to avoid risk in that case. So, in that case, it can well be said that the Shake It app is a lifesaver of sorts. Don’t delay its installation.

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