Osteoporosis – An Emerging Disease Among Women

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Osteoporosis can be described as a disease where you lose bone mass and bone tissue, and this is what leads to broken bones or fragile and weak bones.

In case you are suffering from this disease there is a high chance that your bones could break or get fractured easily. The bones that are most vulnerable in this case, are the ones in the hip, wrist, and in the spine.

It is also thought of as a condition that is supposed to be found in frail and elderly women. However, the damage that you suffer because of this disease starts pretty early on in your life. You normally have your best bone density by the age of 25, so it is important to build your strongest bones by that time.

Causes of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis primarily happens when the rate of formation of new bones does not match that of the resorption of old bones.

In these cases, the body is unable to form new bones or a high amount of old bones may be reabsorbed. At times, both may happen at the same time.

The main cause of this disease is the lack of certain hormones. As far as women are concerned it is estrogen and for men it is androgen. Insufficient consumption of Vitamin D and calcium is also a major cause in this regard.

Signs and Symptoms of Osteoporosis

  • In the early stages, osteoporosis does not lead to any symptoms as such.
  • Later on, it can lead to the reduction of height or some dull pain. This pain normally happens in the muscles and bones.
  • The most prominent example of such pain is neck pain or lower back pain.
  • In the later stages of the disease, you would experience sharp pain and that too all of a sudden. This pain might not spread onto other areas but it can also get worse if too much weight is put on that area.

Right Time for Seeking Medical Care

As far as women are concerned, if they are past the stage of menopause and are experiencing consistent pain in areas like lower back and neck they need to get in touch with their doctor right away. They should definitely get evaluated by their doctors. You should also keep checking with your doctor and find out if you are susceptible towards this disease or not. An important part of such assessment is bone density screening. If you experience severe pain in your bones and muscles and your movement is limited you should definitely visit the nearest hospital.

Treatments for Osteoporosis, if any

  • Treatment for this disease normally aims to either stop or slow down the process of mineral loss that your body is experiencing.
  • It looks to increase your bone density and stop bone fractures from happening. At the same time, efforts are also made to make sure that you do not feel the same level of pain because of this disease that you felt prior to the treatment.

It is expected that around 40 percent of women around the world would see a bone fracture because of this disease at least once in their life.

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