Get Relief From Chronic Lower Back Pain With Minimally Invasive Pulsed Radio Therapy

A new form of treatment has been discovered in order to help people suffering from chronic pain in the lower back area relieve a significant extent of the pain. This new form of treatment is invasive to the least possible extent and involves pulse based radiofrequency that is guided by images. Apart from lower back pain, this treatment can relieve you of sciatica. This information has come into the limelight at a study that was presented recently when the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) held its annual meeting.

How was the study done?


The treatment was discovered following a prospective study that was executed at a single center.

It included 80 patients who had been feeling pain in their lower back areas for at least three months prior to the test. They had herniated disks that had not been cured by traditional treatments such as medication and exercise.

How were the patients treated?


The patients undertook a procedure that involved interventional radiology, where CT (computed tomography) imaging was used. In this process, a needle was taken to the nerve root as well as the bulging disk. A probe was then inserted by way of the tip of the needle so that pulsed radiofrequency energy could be delivered to the area over a period of 10 minutes.

The pulsation did not need to touch the person but was still able to solve the problem of herniation.

What are the doctors saying?


Dr. Alessandro Napoli, MD, Ph.D. and an interventional radiologist working at the Sapienza University in Rome, played the role of the lead investigator in this study. He has explained that the probe is meant only to deliver mild electrical energy thus causing zero thermal damage to the test subjects. He also stated that the results were really good.

He has described how the patients were cured of the pain and able to start their normal life from the very next day of receiving the treatment itself.

Results of the test

Among the 80 patients who were tested in the procedure, 81 percent managed to remain free of pain for an entire year with just a single session of treatment that lasted 10 minutes. 6 patients had to be given a second dose of said treatment. 90 percent of the patients did not need any surgery as such.

How does this treatment affect you?


Dr. Napoli has said that the immediate aftereffects of this treatment are the complete eradication of pain and inflammation in the said area. Since the muscles are relaxed the vertebrae also go back to their normal distance.

Were there any side effects?


The doctor explained that none of the patients felt any side effect after undergoing the treatment. He has said that in conventional cases such as surgery there is always some gap or the other. This can lead to issues such as bleeding and infection thus serving to lengthen the recovery period. However, there is no such problem with this evolutionary form of treatment.

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