Infant allergies triggered by the use of antibiotics and antacids

Allergies in infants are quite common. However, mother may not know that these allergies get triggered by the antacids and antibiotics.

It is seen that those babies who receive antacids and antibiotics are 4 times likelier to develop issues such as eczema and allergies than ones who are not. It has been seen that gut microbiome of a baby could be changed by antacids and antibiotics that are prescribed to them by doctors. These changes can cause secondary disturbances to the immune system of the babies and they are what lead to the allergies. In the USA (United States of America) it was found that babies given such medicines had at least a 12 percent chance of developing such issues.

A lot in this case also depends on the drug that is being used and the allergy that has developed. It has also been seen that around 40 percent of the children in the USA suffer from allergies as opposed to 10 percent adults. In a study done by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, its scientists have found that there is a definite connection between excessive prescription of the aforementioned drugs and the allergies in question.

The comeback of allergies

In the recent years, it seems as if the allergies have made a comeback of sorts. The rise has been especially steep as far as children are concerned. They are increasingly reacting badly to different kinds of food – the situation’s gravity could be understood from the fact that such occurrences have become really common these days.

The importance of gut microbiome

In the study, it has also been found that the gut microbiome is a very important part of our constitution considering how it holds the key to our immunity and health in general.

What are the researchers saying?

The authors of this really important study have stated for a fact that doctors should only prescribe antacids and antibiotics for children when medically they do not have anything else to offer.

How can allergies affect the children?

The effects of the allergies tend to differ with respect to the children. In some cases, the children could be so vulnerable that coming into contact with some kind of food might prove to be lethal for them. However, in some cases, it not cause any more than mere irritation. Normally, people develop allergies when their immune systems find something to be wrong for the body. As such the environmental element making its way to the person’s body may be harmless but once it enters the body it can turn poisonous as well.

A number of research-based studies have now shown that allergies could develop before a child is born as well. However, in most cases, they happen when people are exposed to elements that their immune system does not agree with. When a baby is born and comes into contact with the world it is exposed to many things. Even as it grows old it starts exploring those surfaces, compounds, and substances. It learns to distinguish between soft and hard surfaces, and at the same time, its immune system is being educated as well.

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