Incense Sticks: Cancer Threat?

Our battle against cancer continues. And the battle is clearly not restricted to regions, territories or countries. It’s a worldwide affair now. As more and more cases of cancer are reported every day, we are only growing more resilient with our efforts towards “defeating” the disease in its entirety. We understand the possibilities. We understand that our stand against cancer is rendered weak without proper diagnosis and the identification of new threats. And, new threats cannot really be identified without research.

New Cancer Threat Identified: What does this new study have to reveal?

And studies are conducted worldwide for sure! And it’s these studies that have consistently identified new threats thereby facilitating awareness to a major extent. So, today in the course of the post, we will talk about a similar research. A Chinese study conducted in the year 2015 actually established that agarbatti smoke remains a major source of cancer. It has been opined that these scented sticks – largely used in Hindu rituals- emit toxic particles when they are lit. And, these toxic particles are deemed harmful at the cellular level.

What more? In fact, it has been further opined that these scented sticks are more harmful than cigarettes! According to the study, the scented sticks contain three kinds of particles that actually end up leading to cancer and these three particles are

  • Genotoxic
  • Mutagenic
  • Cytotoxic

Agarbattis are Cancerous: That’s established!

The presence of these elements only means that agarbattis do have the power to render a gene mutate – which – of course – is the first step towards cancer and several other lung discrepancies. Genetic mutation engenders changes in DNA—that of course – is no good news. Read on to find out what else this study has actually gone on to reveal.

What happens when you actually breathe the air containing these particles? Very simply put, the smoke gets trapped in your lungs leading immediately to inflammatory reactions. There are around 64 compounds contained that can actually end up engendering breathing troubles by blocking the respiratory passage. The incense sticks already contain extra fine particles – not really recommended for health. The addition of the artificial fragrances adds to the danger of it all.

We are ready to battle it out!

Now, it must not really be forgotten that agarbattis or incense sticks form a crucial part of the Hindu and Buddhist rituals. However, with the results of this fairly new study coming to the fore, we should act more discreetly when it comes to the use of the agarbattis. Experts have also opined that the results will compel a better evaluation of the incense products.

Once again, the world is ready to fight it out against cancer. If the agarbattis are spiritually comforting, on one hand, they are identified as a major cancer threat recently as well. So, efforts towards ironing out every impediment on our way to striking the perfect balance between spirituality and health—have naturally been shored up!

Do educate yourself more about this new cancer threat!

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