HIV and Hepatitis C could be transmitted by fish foot spa

fish foot spa

Fish foot spa can be an exciting and tingly experience! But do you know it can also get you affected with diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C?

You may not know this but critical diseases hepatitis C and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) could be transmitted by fish foot spa. Health experts have warned as much. The Health Protection Agency, an arm of the federal government of the United States of America (USA), has stated that people suffering from conditions such as psoriasis and diabetes are the ones who are most at risk to such transmission. This is also applicable for anyone whose immune system is already weak. This is the reason why they are advising such people especially to stay away from such processes. Right now, fish foot spa is the latest rage in the world of fashion and beauty.

In this procedure, fish are used to nibble away dead skin from the feet of the person receiving the treatment. As such, there is some risk of infection in this case – it may be on the lower side but it cannot be ruled out completely as such. The agency has said that the water in the fish tank may have some microorganisms that could lead to problems for people taking the treatment. There is always the chance that the Garra Rufa fishes being used in this case could transmit bacteria to the people.

These germs can be transferred from one customer to another and this is especially applicable in cases where the water is not being changed. There is always a chance that a user has HIV or hepatitis C. If she or he bleeds in the water then the germs could be transmitted to the water and the next person in could get infected as well. The agency has come out with this statement simply because the number of such cases is on the rise. With the way this treatment is becoming popular, there is always a chance that such cases could go further up in the future.

It has however made it really clear that if proper hygiene procedures are followed then the risk of infection would be really low. However, there is still a risk, as has been stated before, and one can ignore it only at their peril.

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