Hepatitis B – Some Myths Dispelled


As per the estimates of WHO (World Health Organization), there are around 350 to 400 million people with Hepatitis B in this world. This is basically a disease that affects the liver of the patient. There are mainly two types of infections – acute and chronic. As such, this disease has earned a fair amount of repute all around the world and this is the reason why there are various myths that surround this particular ailment. Some of these happen to be rooted in reality and then there are others absolute figments of imagination, and thus need to be completely done away with.

Adopting a child with Hepatitis B could put your family at risk


In case you are really worried that adopting a child with Hepatitis B, also referred to as Hep B, would put others in your family – especially the children – at risk you need to rest easy. This is a completely baseless idea. You can always get yourself vaccinated against this dreaded disease. In case of the child you are adopting, if she or he is old enough you should get her or his titer verified to see if she or he is suffering from this disease or not. If the answer is yes, you could always get her or him inoculated.

You may get Hep B by eating contaminated food


There are plenty of Hepatitis viruses out there and this is why it is so easy and normal to get confused in this regard. Normally the commonest disease in this regard is Hepatitis A and this is what you contract when you drink or eat water or food that has been contaminated. Hepatitis B is normally transferred by blood contact. This means that if the blood of an infected person enters and mingles with your bloodstream you would get the disease. It can happen from mother to child, sexual contact, and needles that happen to be infected.

Children suffering from this disease feel and look ill


This too is a notion that is absolutely wrong. Children may suffer from this disease but they would never or look like they are not healthy. In fact, in some cases, they seem to be the very embodiment of health. It is not as if their skin or eyes are yellow and it is also wrong to assume that they have less energy than other kids of their age. Contrary to popular notion, they also do not suffer from any pain in the abdominal area either.


The birth mothers of children with Hep B are sex workers and drug addicts


This is completely wrong. Quite often it has been seen that such mothers are healthy normal people who do not know that they have this virus and are thus passing it onto their babies through birth.
Apart from this, people also have several other misconceptions about this disease such as people with Hep B can never lead a regular sex life, it is a rare disease, it can be taxing for the body, China has the highest levels of acceptance for people with this virus, and that the future does not look bright for people with Hep B.

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