Heat stroke or Heat exhaustion – How to understand?


Normally there are three main kinds of illnesses that can befall one because of excessive heat – heat cramps, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion may be mentioned as below:

  • fatigue
  • anxiety and confusion
  • nausea
  • sweat that drenches you
  • headache
  • weakened or slowed heartbeat
  • too much thirst
  • dizziness
  • cramps and aches in the muscles
  • fainting
  • weakness
  • agitation

In these cases, when you get drenching sweat your skin often gets clammy and cold. At other times you feel as if your skin has become prickly. In case you are suffering from heat exhaustion you need immediate attention for sure.

Symptoms of heat stroke


The symptoms of heat stroke could be enumerated as below:

  • vomiting or nausea
  • extreme sweating
  • headache
  • shortness of breath
  • vertigo or dizziness
  • less urination
  • fatigue
  • blood in stool or urine
  • skin that is dry, flushed, and hot
  • high body temperature
  • rapid increase in heart rate
  • confusion, loss of consciousness, or delirium
  • dry skin
  • convulsions

A few words on heat stroke


The thing with heat stroke is that it can happen all of a sudden.
It can even happen without any symptoms that you would normally see in case of heat exhaustion.

When to get help in these cases?


If you see that someone is suffering from any sign of heat stroke or heat exhaustion you need to get medical care as soon as you can. Any delay that you make in this regard could prove to be deadly. If anyone has been in heat and has been showing the following symptoms you need to get medical care on an emergency basis:

  • confusion, loss of consciousness, or anxiety
  • either drenching sweat, high decrease in sweating – in case it is drenching sweat along with clammy and cold skin it is a clear sign of heat exhaustion; in case it is marked decrease in sweating along with dry, flushed, and hot skin it is an indication of heat stroke
  • dramatic rise or decrease in heartbeat
  • convulsions
  • very quick increase in body temperature that can get up to feverish levels
  • if any heat-related symptom is not getting solved by way of salts and fluids or moving to a shaded or air-conditioned area

Signs of heat cramp


In case your muscles become tense and hard it is a sign that they are cramping because of heat. Yet, another sign in this case, is cramp that starts all of a sudden in hand, feet, or calves. Normally such cramps are severe in nature and can at times disable you temporarily as well.

And lastly


As such these illnesses can happen to about anyone but there are certain people that are more vulnerable to these. This includes people who are alcoholic to a chronic extent, the senior citizens, kids, the obese,and people who have issues with their immune system.The same is also applicable for people who consume drugs such as antihistamines, cocaine,and antipsychotic medicines.

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