Healthy Foods Away From Home For Diabetic People


Even if you are a diabetic there are times when you might feel like eating out. It could be a restaurant, your friend’s home, or at a social function. In these cases, there could be a lot of food on the table and that food could be full of calories as well. There could be plenty of saturated fat on offer as well. This is the reason why when you are eating out there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

The first thing you should ask in such a setting is how the entrees are prepared.


What To Eat?


It is very important to avoid fried food as well as dishes that are being served in thick gravy or heavy sauce. It is always better to choose skinless fish and chicken. You can also go for lean meat that is boiled, baked, poached, or grilled. You can also ask the server for dishes that are low on fat and healthy. These days, restaurants are capable of serving special diets. Also, keep in mind that there is no obligation on you to clean up your plate. Eat as much as you can and take the rest home with you.


Healthy Foods Away From Home For Diabetic People1


If you can, go for salads and steamed vegetables to go with your meals. Ask for toppings and dressings that are low on calories. If the restaurant does not serve anything like that ask it to serve all the dressings, sauces, and butter to be served on the side so that you can use them only as much you need to. If you are someone who uses insulin it would be better if you time the injection properly. This is especially true in cases where you know that it would take some time for your meal to be prepared and served on your table.


Healthy Foods Away From Home For Diabetic People2

In certain cases, you may need a fruit or roll in order to deal with pangs of hunger in case such a situation arrives. If you want to have dessert at the end of your food you can have it but it is better to split it with others.

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