Health hazards due to neck massages!

You may not know this but a neck massage, if done in the wrong way, can kill you as well! In most salons and barber shops across India, a haircut is normally succeeded by a head and neck massage. In most cases, these sessions end with what is called a neck crack. In this particular process, the barber normally holds one’s chin and tilts his head to either side in a sharp way. While it is true that initially, one can feel great but there is also a chance that one could experience health complications later on. A neck massage done wrongly can damage the phrenic nerves as well.

It is these nerves that are supposed to control one’s diaphragm and it is this organ that controls the breathing. If things take a turn for the worse there is a chance that the concerned person may have to be put on mechanical ventilation. In such cases, the patients rarely recover and need ventilator support as long as they live. The main reason for that is the fact that it is only on rare occasions that the nerve regenerates and that too in a spontaneous manner as may be needed in cases such as these. This is the reason why doctors these days ask people not to get such massage in the saloons. They say that such acts can lead to long-term damage in critical areas such as neck joints and the tissues that surround them. This can happen to the adjoining or nearby nerves and muscles as well. One of the worst results of such mismanaged work is bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis. One normally feels breathless when the heart or lungs are not working properly. In these cases – such as bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis – the chest moves inward rather than forward as is the norm.

This impedes one’s breathing pattern and leads to a reduction in the levels of oxygen in one’s blood as well. A lot of people in India are under the misconception that neck cracks can help their necks remain loose – they find neck massages to be really relaxing. At times, neck massages can dissect one’s vertebral arteries as well.

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