Health Benefits Of Cycling


If you are here looking for a new pastime or an activity to include in your daily life, choose cycling. The benefits of Cycling are as numerous as the country lanes and bylanes you get to explore without a penny spent on fuel or fares.

Cycling Promotes Weight Loss

Yes. Cycling is one of those activities that will increase your expenditure of energy and induce metabolism of that belly fat that has been bugging you for ages!
Cycling can burn from 400-1000 calories an hour. So while you paddle your way to your destination, you save some money and lose some weight at the same time.

Cycling Improves Mental Well Being

We don’t say that, a study by the YMCA does. The well being of a physically active individual is 32 percent higher than average. The release of endorphins and adrenalin (your feel good juices) boosts your mood, keeping you happy and confident.
Cycling solo will buy you some time to process your concerns and introspection. Cycling in groups will build your social cycle.

Cycling Builds Muscles

The resistance you experience while cycle not only burns calories, it also builds muscles around the glutes, hamstrings and calves. Muscle gives you a leaner built than fat and burns more calories even when sedentary. So in addition to getting fitter, you’ll also look lean. Howvwr, Don’t expect to develop a perfectly toned body with just cycling.

Cycling Makes Healthier Lungs

It may seem contradicting, given the current environmental conditions to think that cyclists have better lung health. A recent study the Healthy Air Campaign shows that cyclists are exposed to 5 times less dangerous fumes than the drivers of a car.
The benefits increase exponentially if you cycle early in the morning.

Cycling Reduces Risk Of Cardiac Diseases

Cycling is one of the underrated activities that go a long way to prevent cardiac diseases. Since it increases the heart rate of an individual, your blood gets pumping all around your body. This also increases the metabolism of your body. Consequently cycling is one of the exercises recommend by the NHS to curb your risk of giving in to cardiac illnesses.

Cycling Can Be Effective Against Back Pain

Backpain is the most common problem of our generation given the long hours of work in small cubicles. The continuous sitting in front of computer screens compromises our posture for a major part of our days. Cycling an hour atleast works well to rewind the backbone into it’s natural setting.

Cycling Reduces The Likelihood Of Arthrosis

The circular movement associated with cycling enhances the transport of energy and other metabolic products to reach the cartilages. This reduces the chances of inflammation of joints and the consequential arthrosis.

Improved Handling And Coordination

Cycling isn’t only about raising your heart rate and losing weight. It is also concerned with the elements of cornering, climbing and descending. Using your body weight to do all that and balancing on what seems to be a two-dimensional vehicle requires crazy coordination capabilities of your brain. It also serves as a confidence boost improving your personality.
Go on then, get that cycle resting in your basement out right away!

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