Essentials of children’s mental & physical well-being

These days, the health of children has become a major issue considering the amount of time they are spending indoors. They are always engaged in some form of electronic entertainment or the other such as phones, television, computers, gaming consoles, and tablets to name a few. Parents and educators all over the world are concerned with this amount of screen time because it is really damaging as far as the children are concerned. There is one study that reveals that children spend around 7 hours in front of screens on a daily basis. It also needs to be stated in this context that all screens are never created the same way and using media in an educational setting has its benefits as well.

However, there is no denying the fact that spending that much time in front of screens can be really bad for children. Now, what can be the way out of a problem such as this? The best thing to do would be to get the kids outdoors so that their mental and physical health can improve. There is plenty of data that says that if your child spends time outdoors it would be immensely beneficial for her or him. They could do anything outdoors.

They might play, it could be for recreational or educational purposes, or it could be for gardening as well. If a school can include outdoor activities to accompany its classroom sessions it could be really beneficial for the children. It could actually improve the way they perform in their class. In fact, such kinds of experiences have also been known to improve social cues as well as communication. A great place for them to be are the parks that have areas dedicated to urban hiking as well as plenty of greenery all around. Gardening is also one activity that is expected to have a positive effect on them.

It is from gardening that they can learn so much about things such as nutrition and food cycle. They also learn a number of life skills that are really important for this particular activity. In fact, it is through gardening that opportunities could be created to teach the kids about values such as competence, community building, and resilience. Now, the question that needs to be asked is how parents, who are already so busy themselves, will be able to get the kids outdoors. It also needs to be kept in mind that these people too spend plenty of time before screens themselves.

As has been stated already, gardening is one activity that can be immensely helpful in this regard. For example, schools can easily include junior master gardening programs in their curriculum. Through gardening programs, a school can actually create an interest among children for good food. At the same time, these programs also allow children to work with people of various other age groups as well. They can become parts of scout clubs and visit various national and state parks in their vicinity. Similarly, they can be part of agricultural groups as well.

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