Does slow eating help in weight loss?

There is no conclusive evidence that would suggest slow eating can help you lose a good amount of weight but there are some really strong indications that it may.

In a recent study conducted at Fukuoka in Japan by Yumi Hurst along with Haruhisa Fukuda, it was found that eating slowly does lower your body mass index or BMI. Both of them analyzed around sixty thousand people with blood sugar problems in Japan. All these individuals had from 2008 to 2013 undergone checkups on a regular basis and this included checking their Body Mass Index as well. They had also measured their waists, urine and blood as a part of the research program.

What other areas did the checkups look into?

The checkups also asked them regarding the way they lived their lives and this included questions about their smoking, eating, drinking, and sleeping habits as well. In fact, the contributors were asked to precisely state how quick they ate – was it fast, slow, or normal? The researchers also asked them if they ate their dinner a couple of hours before they hit the bed or not if they snacked following dinner, and if they avoided having breakfast at times.

What did the tests reveal?

In the end, it was found that people who were eating quite slowly were healthier than those who were not. Overall, too, they were found to lead a lot healthier lifestyle. In fact, in the six years when this survey was conducted, it was found that more than 50 percent of the people had reduced the pace at which they were eating their food. This also coincided with a fall in their BMI as well as their waistlines. As far as figures were concerned it was found that eating normally decreased the risk of obesity by 29 percent.

For those who ate slowly the decrease in the risk of obesity was measured at forty two percent. The study authors also discovered that high BMI was also linked to practices such as eating dinner before two hours of hitting the bed for your night sleep and snacking after dinner.

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