Diabetic or not! Smartphones Know The Answer Now

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There are plenty of people in this world who wish to check their blood sugar levels – they want to know if they are suffering from diabetes or not. What type of diabetes do they have – is it type 2 diabetes that they are suffering from? Unfortunately, not everybody is able to carry a glucometer with them at all times. As such our bags and pockets are not big enough to be carrying that device, which we can use pretty easily in our homes though. However, the smartphones can always make space for the same and it is such a thought that has led to the birth of the BeatO ,a Smartphone glucometer.

All about BeatO Glucometer!

A company named BeatO has brought this product BeatO Glucometer to the market. There are different types of diabetes out there. The device itself looks a lot like a pen drive with the only difference being that it is a lot wider. When you want to measure your blood sugar level all you need to do is connect said device to your smartphone just like you do with headphones and earphones. The BeatO glucometer comes with 30 strips. If you want to you can use these strips and find out the levels of glucose in your blood.

How does it actually work?

All you need for this is a single drop of blood. As soon as you use the device to test all the data regarding your blood glucose would be recorded in the smartphone. This device can be called an important development in the context of diabetes diagnosis. The data would also be sent across to the diabetes experts of BeatO. They would examine all the data and send you the necessary reports within a short span of time. If you want you can also share this data with your family members and friends. You can download this innovative glucometer from the official website of BeatO.

BeatO has claimed that since the battery of this device is a really good one you would be able to use it for 5 years. This means that you would be able to use it for almost 4000 tests! More than anything else, however, you would need to know how to control diabetes.

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