An alternative cure to Appendicitis surgery- Antibiotics

iieHealth An-alternative-cure-to-Appendicitis-surgery--Antibiotics

Appendicitis surgery is something that can take a heavy toll on your body as such. This is especially applicable to the kids as well. In fact, even in this day and age doctors are still apprehensive of the effects that it can have on their bodies. This is why in case of surgeries they suggest a rest period of 4 to 6 weeks.

How to treat Appendicitis?

Surgery is the commonest way in which you can cure appendicitis. At least doctors followed this procedure in most of these cases. Yet, new studies have now come up and they are suggesting that you may not need surgery in all such cases.


In fact, there is strong evidence now to suggest that Antibiotics can be just as useful in these cases. Researchers published a paper in June 2015 and people saw it all around the world. This paper challenged the long-held concepts regarding how to treat appendicitis. It dealt with the comparison between surgery and antibiotic therapy to treat appendicitis. A programme named APPAC (APPendicitis ACuta) trial was conducted between November 2009 and June 2012 in Finland. It focused on treating people suffering from uncomplicated acute appendicitis with antibiotic therapy. At the end of the trial, it was seen that most of these patients did not need any surgery in the one year that followed this period of treatment.


The term uncomplicated appendicitis means cases where there is no proper evidence any abscess or perforation has formed in the affected area. In these cases, the inflammation is restricted mainly to your appendix. In some cases, the antibiotic treatment failed and in these cases, appendectomy was needed. But even in these cases, there were no major complications as such.

Recent information in this regard

The authors of APPAC brought out a follow up in 2018. In the publication, they stated that 60 percent of the patients whom they had initially treated by using antibiotics for the above mentioned issues remained free of it for a period of 5 years. They once again stated that antibiotics were the only alternative to surgery when it comes to treating antibiotics. A number of other studies also have supported non-operative approaches to the condition.

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