Addicted To Smartphones? How It Is Affecting Your Health?


One of the biggest issues that people can suffer because of their addiction to smartphones is back problems. A lot of people put their backs under immense pressure by spending hours sitting glued to their phone looking at their Facebook feeds and the like. It is the hunched position that puts a lot of damage on their backs. According to the British Chiropractic Association, the number of young people suffering from back problems has risen in the last few years and this rise has been dramatic, to say the least. This has happened primarily because of the amount of smartphone usage in this particular age group.

Nerve damage

Excessive smartphone usage can cause you long-term health effects as well such as nerve damage. The worst part of this is that the side effects of the same cannot be cured. One such effect is occipital neuralgia. This is basically a neurological condition where nerves, which extend from the topmost part of the spinal cord to the scalp, can become inflamed or compressed. The symptoms that you would experience with such a condition are a lot similar to what happens with a migraine or a severe headache. It is a lot like being hit in the head with a steel rod.

Depression and anxiety

If you spend a lot of time staring at screens it can lead to issues such as anxiety and in some cases, it can escalate to depression as well. These days, people using smartphones are always expecting updates at all times. They always expect their friends to be in touch with them and when things do not go as par expectations they tend to worry. What they do not realize is that the time they spend playing games on their smartphones could be utilized better with activities such as exercise, walking, cooking, and basically any and everything that is real and not virtual.


When you have a smartphone it means that you are available at all times. You have to take calls, social media updates, text messages, emails, and instant messages to name a few. Your workday never really comes to an end at 6 pm or at the time that it is officially supposed to. This is because emails keep coming even late at night. A research that was done as far back as 2012 had found that it is the pressure to react to all these modes of communication at all times that is causing stress among people.


Apart from this, smartphone addiction can lead you to suffer from weight management and fitness related issues, broken sleep, bacterial infection, issues with attention span, issues with muscles in arms, fingers, and wrists, indirect injuries, issues with eyesight, hearing, and issues related with constant exposure to radiation. Along with these health effects, excessive smartphone usage is a serious addiction that can get people hooked to such an extent that withdrawal becomes painful and can disrupt the social lives of the users as well. It is thus very important to have some control over this issue and not become a slave to the gadget!

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