A simple act of pleasure can be life threatening

A teenage boy passed away after suffering a heart stroke, which is supposed to have happened thanks to a love bite given by his girlfriend. The incident happened in Mexico City. The boy, named Julio Macias Gonzalez, was 17 years old when he died. At the time of his death, he was having his dinner with the family when he had convulsions, which ultimately led to his untimely demise. He had spent that evening with his girlfriend who was 7 years older to him. The family members did call in emergency services but by that time Gonzalez had breathed his last.

Reports in local media say that the doctors felt that the sucking from the love-bite was what led to the death. It led to the clotting of blood that then traveled to his brain and resulted in the stroke that ended his life. It is believed that the girlfriend has been blamed for the demise by the boy’s parents. She is presently in hiding. The family that hails from a borough named Iztapalapa informed the local media of how they were disapproving of the 7 year age gap between the lovers. However, the boy had supposedly refused to call the relationship off.

This is the second time that a love bite has caused a stroke in such fashion. In 2011 a forty four year old lady in New Zealand was unable to move her left hand and had to be taken to the hospital. Media reports at that time had suggested that doctors suspected it to be a stroke but they were unable to determine the exact cause of the same. This was until they saw a love bite that had left a wound on her neck. The wound was cause on the right side. They came to a conclusion that an artery in her neck must have been damaged by the love bite and caused the condition.

Once again, there was a clotting of blood which had gone to her heart, and led to a minor stroke of sorts. She saw the symptoms later on when she was watching television at home. The lady was treated at the Middlemore Hospital of Auckland.

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