3 Common Morning Mistakes That Are Affecting Your Health


One of the commonest mistakes that you can make each morning is attempting to get up in a rush. It is true that there are plenty of you who wish to get up with all vim and vigor and take the day head on. However, it would be a lot better for your body if you approached things at a leisurely pace. If you try to get out of sleep in too short a span of time it could prove bad for your back muscles. They can get strained for the simple reason that they had been resting until now in one place.

Experts such as Robert Oexman, who works as the Director of the Sleep to Live Institute, has suggested to the Huffington Post that it would be better if you could warm up your muscles and get your blood flow going before you get up from the bed. You can do this by bending one knee at a time and bringing it close to your chest.

Looking At Your Cell Phone


The first thing that most of you do each morning is to roll over and look at your cell phone. This way, you could be contributing to your stress levels without even knowing about it.

When you look at your cell phone first thing in the morning you are reminded of the emails that you are yet to answer and the deadlines that you are yet to complete. Remember, all this happens even before you have stepped out of your bed. Tristan Harris, who has earlier worked as a design ethicist for Google, says that when you do this you are basically shaping your morning around all things that you have missed since the last night. He has written as much on an online platform named Medium. In fact, the Future Work Centre recently conducted a survey among around 2000 people in the United Kingdom (UK), where it was found that such early morning email notifications only led to higher stress levels and anxiety among people.

Staying In The Dark


Even as you are getting up it might be really tempting to still leave the blinds as they were and stay in that cozy shell as long as you can. However, during a research done in 2014 by the Feinberg School of Medicine of the Northwestern University, it is said that if you are exposed to the natural light that you get during the early morning it would lower your body fat levels.

The major reason for this is the fact that the circadian rhythm of our body is reset at this time. This could increase your metabolism to a significant extent. The best thing to do is surely go for a quick walk outdoors. However, if you do not have sufficient time you could always at least keep the shades open so that at least the morning sun can make its way to your room.



Apart from this, the other health-related mistakes that you could possibly make at morning are not drinking a glass of water and not having your breakfast.

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