About Us

Our Mission:


We are committed towards achieving our goal “Health For All” through our digital platform with current information, multi-dimensional interactions & engagement with a holistic approach towards promotion of healthy living.

Our Vision:


We pledge to engage everyone and make them informed about health through clear and positive information and interaction.

About iiehealth.com


iiehealth.com is a dedicated platform for all, who are looking for information, interaction & engagement on health, wellness, illness and its cure. On this platform we pledge to provide information regarding health, it`s related issues and its possible solutions, to bring about a positive change in everyone’s life through innovations in engagement and informative articles.

iiehealth.com is the web interpretation of Curemaze Private Limited which happens to be the brainchild of the founder and directors, Dr. Sudip Roy and Mrs. Mousumi Dutta.

Our Objective:


Curemaze believes in the philosophy of positive and healthy living for everyone. We believe that everyone has the right to live a healthy life and for that one needs to be well informed about the most advanced as well as affordable treatments and cures available for them. Curemaze is committed towards implementing this philosophy and provide expert advice and support to everyone who is looking for better healthcare facilities.

Needless to say, that in order to live a healthy life it is essential for us to develop a health or wellness psychology towards our life to understand our health and body perfectly. The vision of iiehealth.com is to make all our users self-reliable in required awareness level of their health and various illnesses that can be prevented if they are well informed. However we also understand that it is quite obvious for our users to come up with queries regarding their health and the information that we share on our platform. Hence our experts are available to answer your queries and advice you with the best solution.

We know no boundaries when it comes to helping people out with positive health information. Our online platform is open to everyone across the globe and this will enable us to come up with more innovative and interactive topics related to health, treatments and therapies. Our experts will share their knowledge, expertise and views on a myriad health issues.

At iiehealth.com we are optimistic that our users will find our online first of its kind innovative  platform engaging, informative, easy to decipher and unique. Our users can benefit from the information and can easily incorporate their understanding and knowledge in their own lives to make it better than ever.

Our Directors:


Dr. Sudip Roy – Dr. Roy is the Founder and Director of Curemaze Pvt. Ltd, who brought the digital healthcare engagement platform www.iieHealth.com for all. Excelling in the fields of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases, Dr. Roy has been practicing as a doctor for decades now. With his experience and expertise in the medical field, he in keen on making people aware of the importance of health and a disease free life. He believes that digital healthcare system is the future of the medical world and it is also the most convenient way to impart his knowledge and expertise to all users across the globe that needs advice and solutions on their health related issues.



Mrs. Mousumi Dutta – Mrs. Dutta is the co-founder and Director of Curemaze Pvt. Ltd and its online platform www.iiehealth.com. Being a serial entrepreneur herself, who runs an event management company, Mousumi comes across different health related issues. This is what gave rise to her addressing the health issues and eventually along with Dr. Roy form this company and its online platform. She is a mother, home maker and an entrepreneur who understands the necessity of correct blend of health information for everyone.